SGI Ingénierie SA Suisse

SGI Ingénierie S.A. Suisse is based in Geneva, a crossroads of Western Europe, one hour from the major European capitals.

SGI Ingénierie S.A. was founded in 1898, working at the time for electrification of the city of Geneva, then in the field of hydroelectric projects in Switzerland.

Since 2006, the activities of SGI Ingénierie SA, Switzerland, independent of any contractor, manufacturer or supplier, cover the following areas:

SGI Ingénierie S.A. is active on the Swiss market but also for export, mainly to the African continent. As part of its deployment in Africa, SGI Ingénierie SA relies on its four subsidiaries in Morocco, Algeria, Senegal and Nigeria.

Among the most significant activities of SGI Ingénierie SA, one can now report:

Monitoring, implementation and commissioning of the sewage plant in Oran (2 millions population equivalent)