Sustainable development

Historically, our companies are engaged for decades in the study of ecological and economic solutions (studies of environmental impact, impact analysis, green plans, renaturation of watercourses, energy studies, study of wooden structures, etc.). Sustainable development is a source of inspiration that leads us to innovate to provide our customers with effective solutions from an energy and environmental point of view.

Based on this strong experience as consultants in the field of engineering and animated by a deep interest in environmental issues, we have developed our expertise in sustainable development to provide our customers an integrated package of services for the building and its environment.

What we offer

Sustainable development is a rewarding asset in the medium and long term for any building in terms of environmental, economic and social aspects. It involves effective communication and highlighting the practical benefits of the approach to develop an honest observation of the situation, to describe the initiatives and especially, to bring answers with "directions of use".

Our strong point is to bring together within a single structure environmental engineers, energy, structural, infrastructure specialists, land use planners, hydrogeologists, etc. This allows us to introduce to the client an interdisciplinary expertise to analyze the economic, ecological and socio-cultural elements of a project.

By integrating in our strategy a structured and ambitious sustainable development approach, we pledge to balance the needs of economic viability and social, societal and environmental impacts of our activities. At any time in everyday life, we can make choices to ensure our development on a more sustainable basis.


Energy and environmental quality of a construction project

Nowadays, buildings account for about 40% of energy consumption in industrialized countries. It is therefore a crucial area that requires significant innovative developments to reduce its environmental footprint.

In recent years, with the evolution of the aspect of sustainable development in the construction market, our group has focused on deepening its expertise in this field. We can provide certifications or act as an independent consultant on the various aspects of sustainable development in your project.

Thus, we are a member of many associations in this area and we can offer the following services:

You will find a series of examples:

- Atert-High School at Redange (DGNB certification)

- Administrative building Solarwind at Windhof (triple certification: DGNB, BREEAM, HQE)

- Building of 2 residences at Walferdange (MINERGIE label)

- Urban design competition Manertchen at Echternach

- Professional training centre for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance in Cape Verde

- Transport and distribution of renewable energy from the waters of Lake Geneva